Investment Apartments Available on Ceningan Island Bali


Investment Apartments

Following the successful ongoing investment in the Ceningan Island Resorts recently completed Restaurant, Bars and activities, Peak Body Fitness is now committed to a partnership in the new CIR hotel.

Now that the infrastructure is in place with stage 1 of the Ceningan Island Resort hotel underway we would like to offer investment opportunities in this exciting new Resort with holiday options that combine your stay on a beautiful tropical island off the coast of Bali with a multitude of activities.

On site we will have a gymnasium and spectacular yoga deck on the cliffs looking out over the magnificent Ceningan Cove (home to many green sea turtles) along with restaurants, bars, massage and relaxation areas and activities such as diving, cooking classes, surfing, fishing, trail walks and adventure zip-line (flying fox). All of these activities along with the fitness, leisure and lifestyle industries showing their interest in running programs at Ceningan Island Resort bode well for all current and future owners and investors.

Unit Trust Investment Ceningan Island Resort Hotel

A unit trust has been formed in Australia which under the management of Peak Body Fitness will offer units @$10,000 each. There is a limit of 40 units available in stage 1 on offer.

The investment is secured by land titles provided by the Australian developer I Bali who will be responsible for all aspects of project construction and completion.

The construction phase will be a maximum of 18 months * note the Resort is already operational with 10 completed villas and a number of privately owned apartments and studio rooms, currently under construction, due for completion over the next few months.

Based on current rental figures on the island, without taking into account everything else our site has to offer, a return upon completion of 10% net per annum (after costs) and a capital growth of a further 5% is expected.

As an added bonus our unit investors can also take advantage of 3 free nights’ accommodation at the CIR every year.
Peak Body Fitness will be responsible for the ongoing management of the hotel applying their international experience in the fitness, sport and leisure industries to this exciting new concept. Through their industry contacts they offer not only professionalism in the day to day operation but a growing customer base that we know will return to Ceningan island Resort year after year.

Private Purchase Fully Managed options.

The Ceningan Island Resort complex also has many privately owned options fully managed and maintained currently by Investment Bali. Any owner or their guests have full access to all of the benefits Resort guests enjoy.

Owners can use their investments solely for their own purposes for family and friends, place them in the rental pool for as long as you like or have a mixture of both. If you choose to rent your investment for 60% of the year you will receive a return of around 10% after all costs including annual fees. A further minimum of 5% annual capital growth is expected on all Ceningan Island Resort investments. All are built to the same tropical design and include furnishings. Purchase options are a lease of 75 years with an option to extend.

Studio Rooms from $40,000.

Approx 15- 20sqm.

Annual Fees $450

6 available

Apartment Rooms ocean views $50,000

Approx. 24sqm

Annual Fees $650

Expected Rental $50/night.

3 available

Apartments Deluxe ocean views $80,000

Approx. 30sqm.

Annual Fees $750 PHOTO FLOOR PLAN

Expected Rental $60/night

3 available

Top floor 1 or 2 bed $125,000.

Approx. 62 sqm.

Annual Fees $1200 PHOTO FLOOR PLAN

Expected Rental $100/night

2 available

Super Deluxe Villa and Investment  $225,000

Approx. 124 sqm.

Annual Fees $1600

Expected Rental $100/night + 2 apartment rentals of $60 being a total of $220.

2 available.

*Investors can take advantage of the villa purchase by offering the bottom apartments for sale on completion or at a later date to recoup their initial outlay while retaining the top floor.

*rentals are estimated based on current rates available on the island for completed resorts. We are currently renting at a special discounted rate until construction is completed.

View Site Plan.

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